L’Empire vie



Empire Life has been in business since 1923 and is among the top 10 life insurance companies in Canada. They offer individual and group life insurance, health insurance and investment and retirement products.

Empire Life provides quality products including:

Term Life Insurance
Whole Life Insurance
Universal Life Insurance
Participating Life Insurance
Critical Illness Insurance
Empire Life’s products offer the same benefits as many of the other companies in the market. Empire Life offers participating life policies with guaranteed cash values. The also offer the added bonus of the potential to receive dividends each year. Although dividends are not guaranteed, Empire Life has paid dividends every year since 1923.

Participating life insurance is a great choice for:

Young children (lower rates due to their age)
Families who do not wish to be subject to the volatile swings in investment returns
Small businesses that need long term and short term insurance needs
Estate protection
Empire Life also offers quality term life insurance policies. Term life insurance is a great choice for:

Families with a new or existing mortgage
Small to medium sized businesses who need to cover start-up costs or overhead expenses
Business owners who want to insure key employees or those with complicated business arrangements
We can work with you to start the process of determining your insurance needs. There are four basic questions that you need to ask:

How much debt do you owe?
What assets do you need to protect?
How much money will you need when you retire?
How much cash would you like to leave to your beneficiaries?
This process will determine the amount of insurance that suits your needs. If you are under insured, a death or change of health can be devastating to your family’s finances.

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