Plan de Protection du Canada


Canada Protection Plan Canada Protection Plan is a Canadian Insurance Company based out of Toronto, Ontario. They were founded in 1992 and have been specializing in no medical life insurance for over 20 years.

Canada Protection Plan is a leading provider of no medical and simplified issue life insurance. Their goal is to make purchasing life insurance simple and straight forward. This means no medical exams and being able to get protected fast. Canada Protection Plan offers Simplified issue Life Insurance and simplified issue Critical Illness Insurance.

The process involves a limited number of medical questions. This may result in the applicant having insurance coverage in days.

Often in the regular market, insurance coverage may take months to be issued. Regular policies involve blood tests, phone interviews and examination of your medical history. Physicians can often take months to complete the required paperwork. Small items in your personal medical history may find your application being declined.

In the past, if you were declined or refused insurance it often meant you could not get insurance. With the plans available many people are now able to have insurance coverage, even though the were declined in the past. This provides them with peace of mind knowing funeral expenses and debts will be paid. They will not leave a burden for their families or loved ones.

Canada Protection Plan offers:

Term Life Insurance
Permanent Life Insurance
Deferred Life Insurance
Simplified Issue Life Insurance
No Medical Critical Illness Insurance

Life insurance does not need to be complicated. Life insurance does not need to be expensive. Let us help you understand your insurance needs and help you get the best insurance coverage to suit your needs at the best price available.

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